Spokane County fire districts consolidated their communications systems into one: The Combined Communications Center. 


The Combined Communications Building was built with future interoperability in mind and brought 9-1-1 call receiving, law enforcement dispatch and the fire and medical combined communications center together in the same facility.  


The 1/10th Ballot Measure was passed to build an interoperable radio system. 


83% of Spokane County voters passed Proposition 1: 1/10th of 1% Sales Tax Renewal providing financial sustainability through 2028 for improvements in emergency communications including integration. 


Spokane City Council passes Resolution 2019-0035 on June 24, terminating City of Spokane participation in Spokane Regional Emergency Communications integrated system. City of Spokane Fire Department and City of Spokane Police Department dispatch services will be provided by City of Spokane employees.

Emergency service communications in the Spokane region integrates on July 1 as Spokane Regional Emergency Communications, a single organization established as a Public Development Authority created to improve current operations and prepare for future technology.